it's a fast playing SCS (Standard Combat Series from The Gamers) title and all the campaign can be played in 3-4 sessions.

Supply, swift movements, attacks, counterattacks and some sieges define the campaign. It's a great operational big action game in the desert.

 Map and campaign overview:

In our campaign Axis in the fisrt 2 turns took all the Allied line from north to south, except the coastal road line and Bir Hakeim.

Axis assaulted just south of the coast road (the two boxes with star objective hexes), and surrounded Bir Hakeim, and Alem Hamza boxes with star objectives, and also pushed north from Bir Hakeim reaching and blocking the trails heading north to the coast without going to the coast.

Allies evacuated all the line south of the coast but a garrison in Alem Hamza box and the Bir Hakeim French brigade.

Then Allies tried to break Bir Hakeim free from within and with one tank and one infantry brigades from outside. They were unsuccessful.

After that Axis assaulted knightsbridge and tried to hold key hills terrain going parallel to the coast south of Via Balbia. Allies contested again unsuccessfully the Knightsbridge assault but succedeed denying the hilly terrain south of Via Balbia.

By then Axis had exhausted his attack supplies. Allies launched their own offensives south of Via Balbia and hold all trails heading towards the coast.

At last Axis took Alem Hamza boxes and Bir Hakeim. And now we are in the middle of two simultaneous offensives, Allies towards Alem Hamza and Axis towards the west side of the board south of Tobruk, past Bir Lefa (I don't remember the star objective hex name there)

In objectives hexes we are in a draw, next last 6 turns will be decisive.  

Click the images to get a full size photo.

   From Via Balbia to Trigh Capuzzo
  From Trigh Capuzzo to Bir Hakeim
   Knightsbridge area
   Tobruk and El Adem area
  El Adem zoom
   Turn and scheduled replacements
  Allied permanent casualties
  Axis permanent casualties