End of 22-July-1942 turn

What happened between 12-07 and 22-07-1942?

Axis mobile forces around Spas-Demyansk, Bryansk and Orel, some 6 panzers and 2 motorized divisions, were transfered to counterattack Soviet Rzhev operation and push towards Moscow.

At Rostov heavy artillery barrage exchanges and both sides reinforcing the area.

In front of Stalingrad Axis forces advance west of the Don. Soviets counterattack in a few points and heavily reinforce Stalingrad city and the area north of Stalingrad between Frolovo and the city.

North Army Group Center:

No attacks in many turns here. Soviets have been transfering infantry units in the last 4-5 turns to Stalingrad an Moscow-Rzhev front, and adjusting their front a bit to the east.


Rzhev and Moscow road;

Between Moscow road and south Rzhev Axis counter offensive had left a hole in the front. Soviets have retreated to the east.


Rzhev detail:

There are 3 motorized divisions, including the mighty GD, 4 PZ divisions, 2 under reserve, and 1 cavalry division left after Axis counter attacks.

Two stacks of remaining soviet tank corps and infantry, now out of supply and DG.

Due to the Axis offensive 2 Soviet tanks corps were almost wipe out. One of them is the isolated one.

Axis losses in infantry were heavy due to Soviet attacks while encircled, and they only took 4 steps for isolation. In the photo all German infantry divisions except one have step losses, and 2 or 3 divisions were wipe out.

At the end of the day the Soviet operation to encircle Axis forces in Rzhev area was a stalemate or maybe a minor Soviet strategic victory. Stalemate because both sides lossed many troops and both sides lossed terrain, soviets lossed a few hexes to the east towards Moscow, and Axis all Rzhev hedgegogs in Rzhev area except a few to the southeast and a reduced Rezhv defense perimeter.

And a minor Soviet strategic victory because it delayed the Axis advance to Stalingrad allowing a proper Soviet reinforcement, and Axis had to spent 2 sausage markers.



Spa Demiansk-Bryansk to Orel-Tula area:

Axis is filling the are retreated before Soviet ofensive in Rzhev with Hungarians and Germans.


North of Voronezh:

Axis troops after taking voronezh halted and did not advance in any direction.



Except for some barraging all quiet in Rostov. Axis keeps his foothold south of Rostov and Soviets reinforced defenses around it. Both sides wanted to erradicate or expand the bridgehead but supply was going far north.



Axis just started trying to cross the Don in force.

Soviet was almost done reinforcing Stalingrad city with infantry being the target 10 steps each city hex with one AR 4 NKVD. All this topped with level 2 hedgegogs and one level 4 in the middle.

Also north flank of the city was reinforced in the area Serafimovich – Stalingrad.


Losses 05-06-1942 to 29-06-1942 Ground steps Fighter steps Bomber steps
Axis 91 15 33
Soviet 177 20 12
Casualties Odds Soviet / Axis 1,95 : 1 1,33 : 1 1: 2,75
From 01-07-1942 to 22-07-1942 Ground steps Fighter steps Bomber steps
Axis 64 10 7
Soviet 138 25 15
Casualties Odds Soviet / Axis 2,16 : 1 2,5 : 1 2,14 : 1
TOTALS BOTH MONTHS 2,03 : 1 1,8 : 1 1 : 1,48