Start of 01-July-1942 turn

BLUE arrows are Axis routes of attack, advance or retreat.

RED arrows are Soviet routes of attack, advance or retreat.

BLACK arrows are attacks by both sides without breakthroughs or gains.

 From north to south: Staraya-Rusaa to Nelidovo

Rzhev area: Left is north. Rzhev is beside the [5] mark,

Vyazma is just off the bottom right corner of the picture.

  Vyazma to Demyansk

Demyansk to Voronezh: all quiet in this front


Voronezh to Pavlosk area: Here Axis got a breakthrough, crossing the Pavlosk bridge, threatening Voronezh. 


Crimea: All quiet in Sebastopol front. Still the Axis has make any attempts to take it.

Soviets, meanwhile, had reinforced the positions.


Rostov area, what happened turns before:

1.- Axis assault Rostov but suffer a defeat, an AL2.

2.- Axis attacks Soviet forces north of the Don, in the corner with the Donets.

3.- Soviets attack the Axis sitting in front of Rostov, and retreat south of the Don.

4.- I forgot to put the 4 number in the arrow east of Rostov, where Axis has a bridgehead south of the Don. They attacked there and crossed the Don.

5.- Soviets reinforce south of the Don.

  Stalingrad Area: Nothing happened here, except the soviet reinforcement of the area.