Comentaris i fotos del tercer torn, 12-06-1942.

From 2nd turn to the 3rd:

After the first turn axis avalanche soviets won the initiative the 2nd turn and also the 3rd turn. We choosed to move first both. 

 In the 2nd, 08-june-1942, Soviets break out from isolated positions saving about 60% of the units. But in Staraya Rusa in the north we stayed with 6 infantry steps and NKVD bdr regiment with action rating 4.

The Axis continued their bold advance in the south, as you will see in the next photos. In Staraya Rusa the Axis stormed and captured the city thanks to 4 great dice rolls in a row:

  • 1.- An air barrage to Staraya Rusa, 12, one soviet step.
  • 2.- Regular attack, 3:1 in extremey close with +2 AR diferential, 8, surprise against Soviets.
  • 3.- Surprise die roll modifier, 5, from 3:1 extremely close to 20:1 e.c. (like a 5:1 in open) against the Soviets.
  • 4.- Final dice roll, 11, +2 AR differential, 13, Ae3 DL2o2DG. 4 steps less for the Soviets.

Then in the exploitation phase, thanks to the Ae3 result, conquered the city killing the remaining 2 steps rolling 7 or more.

 Soviet end turn photos 12-June-1942:



Novy Oskol, point red 1, was overruned by a Gross Deutschland Kampfgruppe the1st turn.

The 2nd turn, 08-june-1942, other GD elements and a Pz. division blocked the Don bridges between Svoboda and Voronezh, and attacked Ostrogozhsk, points red 2. The attack on Ostrogozsh was refused with 2 soviets steps lost. 

Also the same GD kamggruppe that took Novy Oskol overran Svoboda against the odds, red point 3. This GD KG performed well both turns without casualties and in move mode, so Soviets barraged in the 12-june turn. You can see the DG marker, 

The 22 Pz. almost isolated Rossosh. A Soviet tank brigade and a guards infantry regiment have attacked two panzer bns. north of Rossosh, blue area. In exchange for the guards infantry regiment there are two less panzer bns. now.

Hot action in the Donets – Don basin. The 13 Pz moved to take Livhoskoy, a village in the Rostov-Millerovo road, in move mode. See blue area,

In Soviet explotation 12-june an infantry division, two cavalry div., a tank brigade, and a soviets tank corps coming from everywhere attacked the 13 Pz.

 Result, one soviet cavalry in the dead pile and all the 13 Pz, also in the dead pile, except for the AT bn and the truck. You can see the formation marker with the remains.

Also I had in reserve the 24th tank corps, the best  actual soviet tk. But in their reaction phase they successfully barraged the 24th, despite no axis spotter. See red circle. 


 The Don and Donets steppes. In blue Soviet  hot action spots this turn.

Observe the Axis flood tide coming from the west.