Fotos de la 'Gran Campanya' d'OCS amb data d'inici 05 de juny de 1942.. Aneu consultan la secció d'OCS  – Partides, de tan en tan. Aniré posant-hi fotos de la campanya amb comentaris.


4 wood pieces with trestles. One for EATG+Crimea+North CB maps, another for GBII maps, one for CB south maps set aside, and one for counter trays, casualties, units in formation markers,etc.



CB + GBII setup
 Caucasus table  


1st TURN 05-JUNE-1942:

 After Soviet first turn some south areas photos.



This is the most exposed Soviet area after the Soviet failure in May Kharkov offensive. We will see later almost all those Soviets units in the dead pile.

Millerovo – Rostov – Lisishansk triangle, the second most exposed Soviet area at start.

In this campaign start the Soviet moves first.

End turn photos, after Axis turn:


Staraya-Rusa pocket: Soviets assaulted and conquered one hedgegog. Then in Axis movement Axis troops spent one tree bark soup, and abandoned a hedgegog adjacent to the Soviet conquered. The hedgegogs are the eastern two at the bottom of the image.
Between Velikeyi Luki and Staraya Rusa the 8th Panzer broke trough the soviets lines to the north, isolating one soviet tank brigade, DG in the image.   In the road Smolensk-Moscow cavalry divisions blocked the railroad. Also the south railroad branch from smolensk was cut by cavalry. We are playing with Godzilla, so agreed to cut supply lines with at least 3 units from the same division or corps (if soviet). German units overran the cavalry, killing all Soviets in the road, and pushing aside the south ones. In the process some Axis units were eliminated.


 Smolensk – Vyazma – Demyansk triangle: South of Demyansk Soviets punched one hex hole in the attacks, but was not exploited. Axis DG'ed Soviet troops.  In front of Voronezh Soviet troops retreated to the east. Axis advanced a litlle. Guns quiet in this sector.

Bloodbath in Novy – Oskol to izyum area. The soviets retreated and the Axis armies launched an all out assault with at least 5 panzer divisions and 3 motorized, including the GD mtr. 

Only a few troops remain here after air and artillery barrages, attacks and many overruns. 

Izyum – Lisichansk area: After the Axis attacks some soviets units are partly isolated, some remain in close contact. This is the Axis south wing of the all-out assault.  Rostov and south Donets: LAH panzer brigade and 13 panzer overran soviet units retreating. Also there are left someisolated and DG'ed soviets.  South Rostov. Soviet troops heading north in a hurry.

Sebastopol area:

Except from a preemptive barrage by the Soviets nothing happens in Sebastopol. Axis choosed to not attack Sebastopol, instead launched a storm from Novy-oskol to Lisichansk killing many Soviet units and isolating some.

Only time will tell if this is a sound strategy. I'll keep you informed. 

The Dead Pile:


If you are in the soviet side, as me, is hard to look at that picture. Soviet intelligence estimates for Axis supply expenses in all maps is about 65 supplies in this first turn.