A Raging Storm

We have started a campaign of A Raging Storm. This is a battle of the Anzio Beachhead within Tactical Combat Series games.

Last sunday made the setup. We hope to play 2 sundays a month.

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Historic background

After the maximum advance inland of the Allied forces in the Anzio beachhead, the Germans launched an offensive on 4th February 1944, in the Campoleone salient. This is a simulation of the first night and day of the offensive.

More info in The United States Army home page

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The Rules

In the last months I’ve been playing TCS scenarios with TCS 4.0x rules. The 4.x rules are in test mode. I played before with TCS 3.1, actual official rules, and I like more the new ones.

Vehicle movement and interaction is a lot better in 4.x. Other improvements are the area fire and overwatch (spotting) modifiers.

So we agreed to play with TCS 4.07 rules version and one house rule: Morale of support weapons/sections, like MG, mortars or AT/IG guns, stacked with infantry platoons doesn’t count. Only the platoon morale affect the stack.

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The Setup

In the middle of the map:

Identified with red numbers 1, 2 and 3 this is Kampfgruppe Pfeiffer. With number 1, the 147th Gr. Rgt., 65 Inf. division. Number 2, the 3d company 165 engineer Bn., 65 Inf. division. Number 3, 11 parachute regiment, 4th parachute division.

Number 4 are part of kamfgruppe Graser. I Bn., 145 Gr. regiment, 65 inf. division and Panzer abteilung 115, 15 PG division (only 10xstug III and 2xPz IV)

In blue: Number 5, 1 Bn Scots Guards and number 6, 1 Bn. irish Guards, from 24 Guards Brigade, 1st British inf. division.

Number 7, 2 Bn Sherwood Foresters from 3d inf. Brigade, 1st Br. inf. division

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North Area:

No. 1, 1 Bn King’s Shropshire Light Infantry and no. 2, 1 Bn. Duke of Wellington’s from 3rd infantry brigade.

Germans numbers 3 and 4, 2nd and 3rd Bn. 145 Gr. regiment, 65 infantry division.

Numbers 5, 6 and 7, 104 PG regiment, 15 PG division, 2 Bn, 26 Pz regiment (20 Pz IV) and 2nd Bn. 71 PG regiment. The panzer and II Bn. 71 PG in number 7 area.

Northern tip’s detail of the salient. Duke’s of Wellington and III Bn. 145 grenadier regiment head to head.

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South Area:

Number 1, II Bn, 725 grenadier regiment.

Number 2, 1st recon regiment, no. 3, 5 Bn Grenadier Guards from 24 Guards brigade and no 4, 6 Bn. Gordon Highlanders from 2nd brigade.

Also as divisional support troops spread with the other bns., 2/7 Middlesex MG Bn (14xHMG’s sections and 5×4.2 inch mortars) and 81 AT tank regiment (12×17 pdrs AT’s and 28×6 pdrs AT’s).

Soon…the 2300 h. 3d February turn and more…