scih.jpg This is an Screaming Eagles campaign photo report. We will be playing on sundays, so this is the Sundays Campaign.

Game starts at 1000 am, september 22nd, 1944 around Veghel. Holland. Two German kampfgrupps tried to cut the Eindhoven, Veghel, Njmegen, Arnhem road to isolate British paratroopers in Arnhem.

We are playing with Tactical Combat Series (TCS) 4.1 rules. Scale for this game system is 100 yard/hex and 20 minutes a turn in daylight, 1 hour a turn by night.




Això serà el relat fotogràfic d'una campanya de Screaming Eagles. Jugarem els diumenges, així que l'anomenaré la Campanya dels Diumenges.

El joc comença a les 1000 hores del 22 de setembre de 1944 al voltant de Veghel, Holanda. Dos Kampfgrupes Alemanys van intentar tallar la carretera de Eindhoven-Veghel-Njmegen-Arnhem, per isolar els paraques Britànics a Arnhem.

Jugarem amb les regles 4.1 del sistema Tactical Combat Series (TCS). L'escala és de uns 100 metres/hexàgon, i 20 minuts de dia. 1 hora per la nit.

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torn1020_22sept_01_1024x768c.jpg torn1020_22sept_02_1024x768p.jpg torn1020_22sept_04_kg_walther_south_pimcer_p.jpg torn1020_22sept_05_kg_walther_north_p.jpg
All map. Showing 1020 h. turn, allied player already has moved, German player goes next. E/2/506 moving in (Winters et al). Enters as reinforcements this turn (2nd turn) Kampfgruppe Walther southern pincer: All SS guys, flak battery, 3 x stug's , a jagdpanzer IV co., and infantry. Kampfgruppe Walther northern pincer: Panzer brigade 107 and 16 Grenadier regiment.


Veghel close up: E and F co. / 2 / 502 paratroopers plus scout cars, C / Royal Dragons and some AT Bn. 81 57 mm. guns.
Also elements 27 LAA Royal Arty. elements (Bofors), covering Veghel road bridge and railroad bridge to the north.


Artillery barrage close up: Full 75 mm Arty. Bn. firing a fast fire, continuous mission. Achtung!. Halting the german advance and…


The first German casualties: Two panthers and one halftrack. The halftracks co.'s passed the vehicle formation morale roll.


Then German player did his action turn ending 1020: Kg. Walther advanced slowly blowing up two British scout cars with his Panthers & Jgpz IV's doing…


First Allied casualties: One White Scout Car and one Daimler Scout Car.

Stay tuned for more reports to come